Apropos of Nothing - Woody Allen

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By Woody Allen

  • Release Date: 2020-03-23
  • Genre: Biographies & Memoirs
Score: 4.5
From 59 Ratings


The long-awaited, enormously entertaining memoir by one of the great artists of our time.
In this candid and often hilarious memoir, the celebrated director, comedian, writer, and actor offers a comprehensive, personal look at his tumultuous life. Beginning with his Brooklyn childhood and his stint as a writer for the Sid Caesar variety show in the early days of television, working alongside comedy greats, Allen tells of his difficult early days doing standup before he achieved recognition and success. With his unique storytelling pizzazz, he recounts his departure into moviemaking, with such slapstick comedies as Take the Money and Run, and revisits his entire, sixty-year-long, and enormously productive career as a writer and director, from his classics Annie Hall, Manhattan, and Annie and Her Sisters to his most recent films, including Midnight in Paris. Along the way, he discusses his marriages, his romances and famous friendships, his jazz playing, and his books and plays. We learn about his demons, his mistakes, his successes, and those he loved, worked with, and learned from in equal measure.
This is a hugely entertaining, deeply honest, rich and brilliant self-portrait of a celebrated artist who is ranked among the greatest filmmakers of our time. 


  • Woody Allen

    By Tedward!
    Very much enjoyed reading about his life growing up and how he got started. He’s a great American writer and film maker. On the level of Williams Miller and Simon. And his films are wonderful because he is such a great writer! He’s an American Treasure!
  • The middle class man with a US$26 million house

    By David H Dennis
    Just a middle class guy who dotes on his wife and kids. A nonentity compared to the many wonderful people he’s met (who he name-drops shamelessly). Still, lots of laugh out loud anecdotes, the joy of beautiful women and the grimly serious tale of his vindictive ex. And yet it was all worth it, he is happy with his lovely and charming wife, still has plenty of moviemaking in him. This is a lovely and funny book, and for that reason I recommend it highly. But if you are an aspiring filmmaker looking for tips, it falls short. There are few clues for the reason for his success. He started as someone who wrote better gags than anyone else. The most important thing about a movie, in his view, is the writing, and I think he’s right. Then he grew into directing movies, which in his eyes is just pointing the camera at the right places and telling people to do what he needs to have done. And if his actors are uncomfortable with a line or have suggestions for improvements, he’s going to use the feedback to make the films better. So he basically makes the movies as head of a bunch of professionals, including on screen talent, that he trusts to do the job. If you want to learn the true story of #MeToo and his smearing by Mia Farrow, his argument for his innocence is very convincing, primarily because he quotes court investigations that were made very carefully, with no apparent bias. To anyone interested in our justice system, the continued attacks on him are disturbing. If this is your interest in reading the book, buy it. It’s very clear and compelling. Other than that, its the story of a middle-class guy who made it big but remained modest and self-effacing. You get the feeling he can barely believe his incredible good fortune. This is a good man who succeeded in life, love and pretty much everything else. It’s a great way to remember him
  • Pure nonsense

    By Shartncpa
    If it were free it still would not be worth the price
  • Woody the wit

    By geo dowd
    Who knows woody better than woody? Imagine if Jesus wrote a tell all book and was excoriated by the me too son of Sinatra ? Mia’s mea culpa is to not let go and move on. Don’t let one man imprison you. Woody is a great American story and his should be told the master.
  • Badly written

    By Rufus Nash
    I am astonished at how badly-written this book is. I’ve read Allen's writing before, and thought he was a decent-enough writer, but his attempt at a memoir is terrible. First of all, the very first line has an obscure reference to Holden Caulfield. Does he not realize that Catcher in the Rye is not the touchstone it once was? Or is Allen's inability to see the changes in the world one of the reasons his last number of movies have been terrible? The book could have used a strong editor, or an editor at all. Some sentences are so labored and confusing that they have to be read a number of times to be understood. And his writing is just…bad. Perhaps age has diminished his writing ability or his ability to form coherent sentences, and his vanity prevented him from seeking an editor who could have corralled it into a wonderful book. This ain't it. I’m very disappointed.