Squeeze Me - Carl Hiaasen

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By Carl Hiaasen

  • Release Date: 2020-08-25
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers
Score: 4
From 742 Ratings


A New York Times Bestseller

"If you could use some wild escapism right now, Hiaasen is your guy. In its themes and its wild imagination, Squeeze Me offers some familiar pleasures, akin to a Greatest Hits collection. Anyone who's read him will know what a prime recommendation that is . . . Angie is a tonic, as Hiaasen's heroines tend to be." --Janet Maslin, The New York Times

From the best-selling author of Skinny Dip and Razor Girl, a hilarious new novel of social and political intrigue, set against the glittering backdrop of Florida's gold coast.

It's the height of the Palm Beach charity ball season: for every disease or cause, there's a reason for the local luminaries to eat (minimally), drink (maximally), and be seen. But when a prominent high-society dowager suddenly vanishes during a swank gala, and is later found dead in a concrete grave, panic and chaos erupt. Kiki Pew was notable not just for her wealth and her jewels--she was an ardent fan of the Winter White House resident just down the road, and a founding member of the POTUSSIES, a group of women dedicated to supporting their President. Never one to miss an opportunity to play to his base, the President immediately declares that Kiki was the victim of rampaging immigrant hordes. This, it turns out, is far from the truth.

The truth might just lie in the middle of the highway, where a bizarre discovery brings the First Lady's motorcade to a grinding halt (followed by some grinding between the First Lady and a love-struck Secret Service agent). Enter Angie Armstrong, wildlife wrangler extraordinaire, who arrives at her own conclusions after she is summoned to the posh island to deal with a mysterious and impolite influx of huge, hungry pythons . . .

Carl Hiaasen can brighten even the darkest of days and Squeeze Me is pure, unadulterated Hiaasen. Irreverent, ingenious, and highly entertaining, Squeeze Me perfectly captures the absurdity of our times.


  • Absolutely trash

    By total disrespect
    What this author fails to understand just like late nite comedy so called celebrities and over paid athletes is, half the country not only doesn't care about your political opinions but are insulted that you would take our money and time before giving yours. Stick to your own lane! I myself am smart enough to know I would lose customers I.e. Money if I gave my political opinions while performing what they paid for. So just like the other groups of people like those mentioned above you will lose money when those of us that you insult take our "entertainment " money elsewhere. I am an avid reader and will make sure to never send another dime on your total crap!
  • Terrible

    By cassg100495
    I literally don’t know why I wasted my time reading this. Each chapter I was hoping it would get better. I didn’t find it funny or entertaining. Don’t waste your time!
  • Asking for refund

    By liczko
    Dishonest Apple description. Politically nasty and idiotic, not funny at any level.
  • Classic Haissen and timely

    By David not Trump
    Fast pace, weaving plot, usual host of eccentric characters, some old friends and politically just what I needed!
  • Excellent!

    By MT1190
    This may be Carl Hiaasen’s best.
  • Classic Hiassen

    By Sandbridgeprincess
    Depending where you are on the political spectrum will determine how much you love or hate this book. Howlingly funny - amazing how creative his mind is. The names alone are worth the price of admission.
  • Clearly Rushed by Hiaasen - Disappointing

    By Poooooooô
    I’ve read all of Hiaasen’s other books and was exited to hear that this one came out. However, I was unable to even finish it. I too am not of fan of our president and was looking forward to what Hiaasen had in store for him. But the book is just not on par with his other works. Unfortunately, it seems as though Hiaasen rushed this one through in order to capitalize on the country’s current political climate. He got my money thus time, but not again. Carl, I thought you were better than this.
  • Worthless

    By David MJS
    I have read several of this authors books and have enjoyed his brand of humor. This book is a blatant hatchet job on our president and a obvious attempt to pander to the progressive movement. Carl I will not spend another cent on your books.
  • not as funny as his usual.

    By UNCGer78
    Disappointed. Expensive and not as funny as his usual books.
  • Great as always

    By Joel Jenny
    I’ve read every one of Mr Hiaasen’s books. Even read the children’s books to my kids. This one is another great read. I guess the nay sayers that are leaving negative comments are Right wing Trumpers that don’t like to hear anything Left leaning. I think he’s funny no matter your politics. I highly recommend!