Number Neighbors - Emma Hart

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By Emma Hart

  • Release Date: 2020-03-25
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4
From 50 Ratings


Bad Idea #241: Sending a dirty text to your number neighbor.

In my defense, my friends did it too, and their neighbors took it as the joke it was.
Mine didn’t.
He responded with a dirty text of his own. Next thing I know, I have a standing texting date every night at ten-thirty.
Until I have to miss it because the stray kitten who adopted me one week ago is sick. The only person I know who can help me at this time of night is my British next-door neighbor and local vet, Isaac Cooper.
I’ll keep him overnight, he says. Here’s my number to call me in the morning, he says.
The problem?
I know that number.
Because I’ve been texting it every night for the last four days.


  • Review: Number Neighbors

    By @LisaHines711
    Number Neighbors by Emma Hart is another heart-warming rom-com from one of my favorite authors. A sexy texting incident between strangers turns into much more when they realize that they are not anonymous sexters but are in fact next-door neighbors. Queue the awkwardness!!! But things turn out well. Isaac handles Grandma Jen with an enviable ease, is a wonderful vet with a skill for taking care of Hannah's kitten (from hell) Lucifer, and comes complete with wonderfully sexy British accent to boot. Hannah manages to overcome her own awkwardness and issues with knowing the man she was sexting is her hot neighbor she barely knows and manages to get out of her own way and let the relationship with Isaac blossom. Loved it! A flawless feel-good read, especially now with the world in turmoil and isolation. Enjoy!
  • Beware of the ankle biter

    By tkp8806
    5 stars Sexting with a complete stranger? Hannah’s never dreamt of such a thing. Texting a complete stranger was enough of a twist to her normal everyday life. Her friends put her up to it. Hannah is actually pretty reserved compared to most in her group. Texting her number neighbor is the most adventurous thing she’s done in forever. Thank goodness she’ll prob never meet this person, right? Famous last words....until she discovers who it is. Isaac has lived next door to Hannah for a while. They converse every once in a while on the way to the mailbox or taking the trash out. He’s never had the nerve to ask her out. He’s actually quite surprised when she comes over late one night worried about her “not hers” kitten that she rescued. This will be the snowball that starts the avalanche. I could not have loved this story any more. A sexy Brit and the sweet girl next door. Their story was one that unfolded perfectly. Not only did these two have chemistry, but they were able to be themselves, cherry underwear and all. Plus, Grandma Jen and Lucifer. This is one of those stories that I need more of. I also love seeing the little bits of Emma Hart in this story.
  • Charming and read!

    By Virna Thompson
    Numbers Neighbors by Emma Hart was a fun and light read. Hannah is out with friends and having a few drinks when they decide to have some fun. Now Hannah is having fun texting her number neighbor. But imagine her surprise when she needs help from her actual neighbor who is a vet and he gives her his number and it’s THE number? The story was amusing and light-hearted and just had me laughing out loud. The characters were charming and it was easy to just fall into the story. Happy reading!
  • Not my favorite

    By nelispelusa
    Ahh I like Emma and enjoy her books not all but most but this one was not one of those eh, not really something that I need to reread nor want to. We have Hannah who wasn’t my favorite and she seemed dim. I love British accents si I was totally on board with, wasn’t crazy about the setting nope I don’t have a problem with it but I didn’t really care for it. I also felt a little sad that we didn’t get more of in my and mason and yes I get that they had there own book but I wish we had a little more. All in all this was not my favorite book and ad I mentioned I reread her kiss me tonight which I realized also started with texting but that one I really liked. Rcvd an arc at no cost to author.. voluntarily reviewed with my own thoughts and opinions
  • The typos were killing me!!!

    By Lady kismet
    I usually love Ms.Hart’s books, but this one needed some serious editing!!! So many typos!! I had to keep re-reading to figure out what the characters were saying.
  • Emma’s books keep getting better and better!

    By Samantha B. Sokol
    Emma’s books keep getting better and better! I love the quirky main characters that Emma gives us, and Hannah is added to this list! We met Hannah in the previous book and got a little bit of context about her and her personality. While she’s had a crush on her next-door neighbor Isaac, she refuses to spark interest in him. Thanks to Grandma Jen though, they finally get their chance after Hannah finds out that her cell phone number neighbor, who she had a compromising text conversation with, is none other than Isaac. Thrown into their complicated situation is Hannah’s cat who she doesn’t take ownership of, yet we see her get attached to that Isaac helps take care of and rescue. There are a lot of fun points throughout the storyline that are Emma’s signature, and make the book that much more enjoyable, and in the end this couple defines the relationship and makes a go at it. I can’t wait to see who comes next in this series/book universe! I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
  • Entertainingly wonderful!

    By Mari360
    I absolutely love the writing style of this author. She does not disappoint in the least. We get awesome witty, funny and out of the world characters in this story. We see how Hannah and Issac start their story. We see the awkwardness of her finding out he is her number neighbor. Throw in a crazy loud mouthed grandma and you are ready for a good time. Def give a 5 star rating.
  • Loved it!

    By MegM927
    4.5 Stars Number Neighbors is the latest stand-alone rom-com by Emma Hart. I needed this book because everything going on in the world right now is so stressful. I needed the laughter and Ms. Hart surely delivered. NN had me laughing out loud and grinning from ear to ear. It had me blushing right alongside Hannah. I seriously could not put it down! Isaac and Hannah are two hilarious characters. Isaac is a dirty talkin’ dry witted character and Hannah with her sassiness had me rolling. What I loved most about them was their chemistry. Sometimes you miss that connection with rom-coms but I can assure you get it in spades. I also loved the side characters, especially Hannah’s family. They literally are crazy-but in a good way. Overall, I really enjoyed reading this story. Ms. Hart is a go to author for me and she continues to entertain me for hours and hours. If you need a break and need some laughter and hot as hell characters in your life, this book is for you!