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  • An accurate story of the laundries and human slavery by the church

    By kaykaybean13
    Until reading this, I had no knowledge that these kind of institutions existed. While it is a fictional story, I know much of the information was based directly off of the truth and infractions that women and children were penalized for working like slaves and making a fortune for the church. Another gross abuse that has come to light at the hands of the church and hasn’t been held accountable for or made reparations to the victims families.
  • Yes!

    By Promise316
    I really connected with the characters and couldn’t put it down. Great historical fiction and intense writing. I would definitely recommend this book!
  • The Girls With No Names

    By Readingbythesea
    It’s hard to believe that the cruel and unusual punishment went into the early 20th century. There was up to a 3 year stay for women of ill repute, petty crimes, runaways, abandoned women, working in a slave laundry. The story covers love between sisters and the comparison of the wealthy to the less fortunate. It was a very interesting story.