Dirty Girl - Meghan March

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By Meghan March

  • Release Date: 2016-05-17
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 859 Ratings


From New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author Meghan March comes a sexy spin-off duet from The Dirty Billionaire Trilogy. Are you ready to get dirty again? 

Desperately seeking rich, famous, single guy with a giant cock to make my lying, cheating, should’ve-been-born-dickless ex-boyfriend realize what he’s just lost.
Oh, and I give great head. Just sayin’.

No man in his right mind would answer that ad.
Except thousands did.
My name is Greer Karas, and I should never be allowed near another bottle of booze again. Because when I drink, my friend and I do stupid things. Like take a page out of my older brother Creighton’s playbook and post something completely asinine on the Internet. Waking up with a giant hangover to find my humiliating personal ad has gone viral is not my finest moment.
Cue my look of shock when one of Hollywood’s hottest new bad boys, Cavanaugh Westman, comes knocking at my door and drops his pants to prove that he does indeed have a giant cock.
What he doesn’t have is an explanation for why he disappeared from my life without a word three years ago, only to show up on the big screen two years later, killing bad guys in action flicks.
And now he wants me again.
What the hell do I do now?

The story concludes in Dirty Love.


  • Dirty Girl by Meghan March purchased on IBooks

    By Dogree
    This is the typical princess falling for the maintenance guy. There is twist in the book 3 years later when she finds out who he really is. A good read with. Surprise.
  • Epic

    By Morfiusr52
  • So boring

    By Slacksmaster99191
    Tired of reading the same stories over and over and over from every writer. This book has finally convinced me to stop.
  • Almost

    By Nano6899(3
    Not as good at the 1 series. I don't looove the character Cav.
  • Can't wait until the next book

    By TBonds731
    Such an awesome read that I couldn't put down!
  • Sexy read!!

    By sferguson105
    This book was amazing!!! Starts out somewhat the same way that the Dirty Billionaire series by Meghan started out, with a drunken ad. From there, it's a crazy type ride. Cav is a hot, sexy dom, who left the girl he was falling in love with for reasons unknown. Greer is an awesome heroine, one who you would want as a best friend. I am surprised my ipad didn't start melting at the amount of heat these two put off. There was a bit of suspense to this, and the ending???? Let's just say I can't wait until Dirty Love releases. If you are looking for a hot, sexy read, this is definitely the book you need to one click!
  • Another HOT, HOT, HOT book from Meghan March!

    By Saseegrl
    I am a HUGE fan of Meghan March and her sexy alpha heros and her sassy heroines. Cav and Greer are no different. These two are HOT! Cav has got to be one of the best dirty talkers I have ever read. He is demanding and more than a little bossy without being over the top and a bully. Greer is a smart lawyer not content to live as a trust fund princess in the shadow of her big brother Creit. Cav is a working class guy who gets his hands dirty for a living. He never thought he was good enough for her so he left without a word. Now, 3 years later, he is a hot A-list Hollywood Star back at her front door telling her she is his and he is not taking no for an answer. Period. Not that she wants to fight very hard. She is still in love with him but she wonders if it can be real or will he abandon her again. He is determined to keep her no matter what. And that what is BIG! In the last line of the book, Greer's brother Creighton drops a major bomb, a bomb that might not be able to be overcome. Major cliffhanger. I need that next book NOW!
  • Definitely dirty

    By TJ in AK
    Dirty Girl is exactly that - dirty. Meghan March seems to have veered from the contemporary romance lane right into light-erotica. Dirty Girl definitely contains some light BDSM, with hints of more to come in the second half. Nothing wrong with that - just be warned if it’s not your thing. Once again, Meghan delivers characters that jump off the page. It’s easy to see that Greer struggles against the ‘spoiled princess’ label. She wants to be taken seriously and not live under the shadow of her brother. That train derails in a big way when she puts out a ad that immediately goes viral. Cav, the ‘one-that-got-away’, answers the ad and gives Greer everything she asked for - except the answer she really wants. Why did he leave her three years ago without some much as a goodbye? Dirty Girl is a great escape read. Unfortunately, I think it got a little bogged down in the middle when they’re forced to flee New York to escape the paparazzi. It would have been nice for there to be a little more tension and a little less kink. The cliff-hanger reveal at the end is pretty significant and ties directly back to Dirty Billionaire. I’m looking forward to seeing how Greer and Cav work it out.
  • Time To Get Dirty

    By ElizabethM91
    So the Lovely and talented Meghan March just released her new book 'Dirty Girl' and giiirl! It is awesome. If you have never read a Meghan March book then 1) quit what you are reading and pick this book up and b) what have you been doing. Like legit take a look at your life and reflect upon it and find out where you were lead astray. 'Dirty Girl' is the first of two, but the wait for the second is like a blink of the eye ( Unlike the fourth season of Sherlock if you can wait a year + for new Sherlock you can wait a week or so for the second awesome book) and in it you meet two people have a past relationship. But things happen and some years pass before they collide in an awesome and sexy way. Like "Whoa that's hot" sexy. The entire book is on sexy thing after another. And if you like the lovely Kresley Cole then you will for sure love Meghan March. And the end. The. End. Got. Me. So good. Can not wait to see what March had in store for us next!! Loved this book, I love Meghan March, and I Love the alpha males she creates. Buy. This. Book. Now! Buy all the books!!!!
  • Hot and Steamy

    By S-books
    Greer and Cav have amazing chemistry! Greer is lovable character and Cav is a deliciously perfect alpha. The story is interesting and engrossing. Can't wait for the next book to get questions answered!